Husband And Wife Prepare Michael Jackson Act. Put On A Show That Is A Crowd “Thriller.”


As a testament to the impression left by the late king of pop, husband and wife duo Danny Oliver and Celena Cherry have dedicated their time, effort and energy to emulating the musician. This couple seriously lives up to the King of Pop.

While they are just like any normal married couple, their hobby is a little different than most. I don’t know many couples that spend their free time dancing and singing together, impersonating a famous musician. Do you? All the power to them! They’ve managed to find a way to balance time spent working, doing household chores, downtime as a couple but also coming together to put on an act like Michael Jackson entertainers! And it’s clear they’ve spent countless hours perfecting their tribute act – these two are solid.

Danny and Celena have decided to take their MJ routine to the next level by appearing on “Britain’s Got Talent.” As they grace the stage, the judges are already excited about the getup Danny’s wearing — he looks just like the superstar. “PYT” starts to play and the two break into dance before Danny starts to undress and does a pretty swift outfit change into “Thriller.”

Celena takes over on vocals as Danny moonwalks across the stage and into the hearts of the judges and audience! Keep an eye on Danny’s little subtle mannerisms like the way he moves his mouth, tips his hat and body gesticulations. This is pretty darn accurate, and I’m sure you’ll think the same!

Click below to watch husband and wife impress the crowd like never before.

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