Todd Hoffman Sings His Own Rendition Of “Sound Of Silence” And He’s Taking The Internet By Storm


For anyone who doesn’t know, he is one of the lead characters of Discovery channel’s show titled “Gold Rush”. He has since been a popular face on TV and people know him for his rugged bearded look. But did you know that he wasn’t always bearded? I didn’t! And I also didn’t know that he has such an amazing voice either!

In the video below, Todd sings his rendition of “Sound of Silence” by Disturbed, and really gives his audience the goosebumps. He’s hitting all the notes just perfectly, his demeanour throughout the song shows how into the performance/singing he really is, and what really catches your attention is how much he sounds like the original singer of the classic!

But we can tell that he isn’t copying the original singing style, and that makes this rendition simply beautiful and personal to this celebrity!

Click on the link below and watch Todd’s rendition of the infamous song below. Don’t forget to share this video with family and friends, and those who are fans of Todd as well as the song!

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