Woman Slams Veteran In Middle Of Restaurant. He Then Decides To Give Her An Epic Response.


In it, you will see a veteran conducting a social experiment by ordering food from a fast food restaurant. He persists to ask the cashier if they offer a discount to veterans but before the server could answer, a woman behind the gentlemen decided to pipe in and give her opinion. She expressed her thoughts by saying that all service men and women were entitled, and that they merely use their veteran status for personal gain. But things quickly turn as the gentleman decided to tell his side of the story.

In a calm and rational manner, he gave the woman a piece of his mind and explained the role of veterans worldwide. Her reaction? She had lost her appetite.

Give the harrowing video a watch and if you agree with what the young gentleman had to say, share it with your family and friends.

Additionally, a big thank you goes out to all service men and women worldwide.


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