Lady Asks Man What “Y-E-S” Spells, Then What “E-Y-E-S” Spells. He Can’t Get It And Hilarity Ensues.


While not a tongue twister entirely, this simple question plays with the way our minds process the spelling of certain words in relation to how we say them in our heads and out loud. The riddle is simple: Ask another person what the letters Y-E-S spell. It’s a simple question, and the trick is not to let the other person know that it is a riddle—just ask out of nowhere. Next, quickly ask them what E-Y-E-S spells. More than likely, they will answer “E-Yes.” They won’t even realize that they are wrong.

The woman in this video decides to try the trick out on the man, and it works brilliantly. His response is hilarious and sure to give you a good laugh. Try this one out on your friends and family!

Watch the man trying to figure the riddle out in the video below and if you laughed as hard as we did, the please like and share!

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